Editors’ Choice: 31/10/2012

Hello. Welcome to “Editors’ Choice”, the part of the site that attempts to help you break down some of the day’s political news. We understand heavy amounts of data, a constantly growing number of polls and periods of political flip-flopping can be enough to dissuade anyone’s attention. Each day we will present you a few tidbits that we think you’ll enjoy. If you notice anything on the ol’ World Wide Web that you think we should include, let us know. Don’t be shy.

Today’s choices: Halloween costumes, political apathy and Biden’s good behaviour


Last-minute US political Halloween costumes

There may be a presidential election taking place, but today also marks Halloween. Have no fear however, as you can still embrace the spirit of US 2012 with your choice of costume. Here is a list of our favourite suggestions from US News.

– The Undecided Voter

Find two different types of shoes and two different types of socks – you clearly can’t make up your mind what to wear; how can you be sure who to vote for?

– Binders Full of Women

Do you want to make light of one of Mitt Romney’s election campaign gaffes? A last-minute costume that lends itself only if you’re a woman, visit Office World and attach binders to every part of your body.

– Clint Eastwood

Dress old, wear a white wig and find an empty chair to talk to. For convenience and mobile use, consider the concept of using a desk chair with wheels.


Video of the Day

A crying four-year-old girl speaks for a certain number of us who may be harbouring apathetic feelings.


Tweet of the Day

Vice President Joe Biden has somewhat of a reputation for being gaffe prone, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and causing President Barack Obama a number of unwanted headaches. But not today!



A story you may have missed…

The monthly US employment report will be released as scheduled on Friday, according to the Labor Department.

Despite fears of analysts being unable to get to work in Washington on Monday, officials confirmed the report will be released at 8.30am (EDT) on Friday.

The report represents a barometer of the political and economic success this year for President Barack Obama.