Editors’ choice: 30/10/2012

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Today’s choices: A political storm brews


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A story you may have missed

The press call Romney’s anti-Obama bluff for misleading the audience in an Ohio ad.

The video repeated claims made by Romney last week that car manufacturer Chrysler was moving production to China, with critics arguing that the point was phrased as if to say that it was at the expense of American jobs.

Its voice-over points the finger at the president: “Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy and sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China. Mitt Romney will fight for every American job.”

Whilst Romney’s people deny that it was misleading because, technically, Chrysler did go bankrupt under Obama, the president’s campaign quickly released a video response.


Video of the day

Obama and Romney may have officially called off campaigning whilst Sandy hits the East Coast, but elsewhere on the internet, the ‘candidates’ are spotted trying out a Hollywood-worthy appeal