Editors’ Choice: 26/10/2012

Hello. Welcome to “Editors’ Choice”, the part of the site that attempts to help you break down some of the day’s political news. We understand heavy amounts of data, a constantly growing number of polls and periods of political flip-flopping can be enough to dissuade anyone’s attention. Each day we will present you a few tidbits that we think you’ll enjoy. If you notice anything on the ol’ World Wide Web that you think we should include, let us know. Don’t be shy. 

Today’s choices: Lena Dunham’s first time, plus a serving of Meatloaf


Video of the Day

The creator and star of HBO’s “Girls”, Lena Dunham, features in a suggestive ad for President Barack Obama’s campaign talking about her first time.

Not that first time, silly. No, her first time voting.


Quote of the Day

“We haven’t seen as much directly political music… the most vibrant musical genre over the past 10 to 15 years has been hip-hop.”

– President Barack Obama speaking in an MTV interview on Friday)


A story you may have missed…

The US economy grew in the third quarter to a higher than expected rate of 2%, the commerce department announced today.

Experts say this was fuelled by rising consumer confidence, a small recovery in the housing market and an increase in government spending.

This particular set of economic figures is the last to be released before November 6, Election Day.

Source: Reuters


Celebrity endorsement of the Day

Meatloaf has officially endorsed Mitt Romney after performing a short concert at a high school football stadium in Ohio, rallying nearly 12,000 supporters.

Romney joined Meatloaf on stage afterwards to give a speech. Meatloaf expressed his concerns about President Obama’s approach to foreign policy.