Editor’s choice: 01/11/12

Hello. Welcome to “Editors’ Choice”, the part of the site that attempts to help you break down some of the day’s political news. We understand heavy amounts of data, a constantly growing number of polls and periods of political flip-flopping can be enough to dissuade anyone’s attention. Each day we will present you a few tidbits that we think you’ll enjoy. If you notice anything on the ol’ World Wide Web that you think we should include, let us know. Don’t be shy.

Today’s choices: A master class in making a statement. Watch and learn, people…


Tweeting the masses

Having shared the spotlight with Obama yesterday, Republican Governor Christie tells almost 250,000 twitter followers that even politicians have to be able to put differences aside.



No points for subtlety!

Republicans drop an unmissable hint to Obama during his flight over New Jersey. The president was taking an aerial tour to survey the damage caused by Sandy.


YouTube sensation

So it may take more than two and a half million views to make Ryan Higa’s presidential dreams come true, but he already knows what he’d do with the power. Here, the self-professed ‘Master Debater’ offers his solution to America’s most pressing political issues.